Golden Yoga School

Become a radical, certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in 2025

Are you ready to study yoga in a way that is queer, body-inclusive, socially conscious and holistic?

In an environment that acknowledges the rich diversity of yoga beyond the physical?

A true spiritual warrior on and off the mat, Sandy walks the path of the yogi so authentically – they balance dedication with tenderness, wisdom with humour, soul shaking ancient mantras with 90s pop anthems, an incredible breadth of knowledge with curiosity, and open mindedness with a deep reverence for the lineage of this ancient practice. 

Sandy challenges the norms of what we might come to expect of modern yoga, with classes that are pure magic – a celebration of everything it is to be human.

Liberty Lawson, Indonesia

Hi, my name is Sandy, and I am the founder of Golden Yoga School.

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 16 years and am passionate about accessibility, diversity and inclusivity.

I am known for my creative, insightful and transformational yoga classes.

I have lived experience as a queer, non-binary person, and am proud of my strong connection to yogic lineage (Jivamukti Yoga), which has been part of my life since I was a teenager.

Sandy’s warmth, compassion, wisdom and clear love of what they do radiates through their teachings. Sandy has a magical way of weaving āsana together with perfectly chosen music and deep insightful knowledge, making the teachings and practice of yoga a deeply embodied and accessible experience for all. They have truly transformed my practice, I’m so grateful to call Sandy my teacher.
Lucienne, Sydney

This is not your average yoga teacher training.

You will learn:

o the art of class theming and weaving

o to offer hands-on-assists in a consensual and mututally beneficial manner

o how to play harmonium and incorporate mantra into your classes

o to develop your own personal sādhana (conscious spiritual practice)

o a diverse range of meditation styles

o to incorporate music seamlessly into the fabric of your classes

o to teach āsana without demonstrating

o the rich history of yoga and how to unpack the philosophy in a modern context

o to utilise accessible and inclusive language in teaching a wide range of students

o about the intersection of yoga and social justice, climate activism and universal liberation

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We are starting in January 2025 and running through to June, meeting every second Thursday night and Sunday day.

The course is designed to fit into your life and your vision, so you can complete teacher training in a way that suits you where you’re at.

Choose from:


Live modules in nipaluna/Hobart

  • Attend all in-person components (opening and closing immersions, and all weekend content)
  • Experience face-to-face learning and hands-on-assists throughout training
  • Recommended for: Tasmanian locals
I’m so into this!

Hybrid Learning

Combine in-person training in nipaluna/Hobart with online components

  • Join opening and closing immersions in-person (or any sessions that are possible), and zoom in for all other content
  • Co-ordinate to suit with your schedule
  • Recommended for: interstate folks
Ooh yes please!

Fully Online

Complete the course entirely from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you’re traveling to)

  • Complete the course along with the in-person and hybrid group via livestream
  • Follow along with the course in realtime, from wherever you are in the world
  • Recommended for: international folks
This is for me!

And the best part is, all options are priced the same.

(we’re all about equality)

So when is it?

Dates for 2025

The opening and closing immersions, and all weekend sessions will be taught in-person in nipaluna/Hobart and livestreamed. Each day runs from 9am-5pm with a 90 min lunch break.

Thursday Night Satsangs and are taught online and run from 5-8pm.

The dates are as follows:

o Opening Immersion: 16, 17, 18, 19 January

o Thursday #1: 30 Jan
o Sunday #1: 2 Feb

o Thursday #2: 13 Feb
o Sunday #2: 16 Feb

o Thursday #3: 27 Feb
o Sunday #3: 2 Mar

o Thursday #4: 13 Mar
o Sunday #4: 16 Mar

o Thursday #5: 27 Mar
o Sunday #5: 30 Mar

o Thursday #6: 10 Apr
o Sunday #6: 13 Apr

o Thursday #7: 24 Apr
o Saturday + Sunday #7: 26+27 Apr

o Thursday #8: 8 May
o Sunday #8: 11 May

o Thursday #9: 22 May
o Sunday #9: 25 May

o Thursday #10: 5 Jun

o Closing Immersion: 7, 8, 9 Jun

So how much is it, and what’s included?

Payment plans available (see below)

One-Time Investment

$3199.00one time payment
  • 250+hr Hatha Vinyāsa Yoga Teaching Certificate (if all course requirements are met)
  • 6 months unlimited membership to
  • 12 months unlimited access to Learn to Play Harmonium online course
  • A unique workbook + practice log book, all created specifically for this training
  • An exclusive Whatsapp group to assist in accountability, support + troubleshooting
  • Workshops with leading guest teachers in the current yoga universe
  • Ongoing mentorship + support from senior teacher Sandy
  • A new group of like-minded friends
  • A precious + rare opportunity to alter the trajectory of your yoga path
  • Parcel sent directly to you with goodies for the training, including a mala, eye pillow, all paper material and other treats

*Note: Pre-requisite reading of Jivamukti Yoga by Sharon Gannon and David Life not included in cost. Any travel to and from nipaluna/Hobart not included.

Accessibility matters.

To make investing in your future of yoga more manageable, payment plans are available at no extra cost.

Payment Plan

$8004 monthly payments

Have a different payment plan in mind?

Or want to save $50 and pay via bank transfer? Fill out the form below and let me know what you would prefer!

    I am not a robot

    Are you…

    …exploring teaching for the first time and curious about a career change?

    …already a teacher and want to take your skills to the next level by furthering your studies?

    …not sure you want to teach, but yearning to deepen your practice and explore yoga beyond āsana?

    Whether this is your 1st or 108th teacher training,
    you are so welcome and encouraged to join!

    We will cover many amazing topics including:

    (hover over images to reveal)

    Hatha Vinyasa practice

    How to read + write the Sanskrit alphabet + pronounce key terms

    Detailed asana alignment

    Pranayama (breathing)

    Anatomy + Physiology as relevant to teaching yoga

    Sequencing, Theming and Class Planning

    Dhyana (meditation)

    Nada Yoga and the power of sound

    Subtle Anatomy (cakras, mudras, bandhas, koshas, vayus)

    Yoga philosophy from the Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Upanisads


    Mantra and chanting incl. how to play Harmonium

    The Golden Guest Teachers

    This superstar team of senior teachers will also be dropping in throughout the course to share priceless wisdom on additional subjects

    Katie Rose


    Introduction to Ayurveda
    (sister science of yoga)

    Seema Agarwal


    Upanisạds and direct yogic lineage

    Keith Kempis


    Bhagavad Gītā and bhakti (devotion)

    Gaby Fearn


    Pre- and post- natal considerations

    Kiki DeLux


    Holding space and energetics of teaching

    Kirsten Lee

    (any pronouns)

    Inclusivity, diversity and sustainability

    Ellen Driscoll


    The business of yoga + how to get employed

    Sas Stephenson


    Assistant teacher + snack bringer

    Shanti Devi


    Snack eater, cuddle queen + golden mascot

    Frequently Asked Questions

    That’s totally fine and totally normal 🙂 You are still very welcome to participate in the course, even if your intention is not to teach.

    That’s okay! You can choose the fully online version and join in with all the content virtually. How good is the internet at times like this?

    Absolutely! Everyone joining online will be included just as much as those who are physically present. In our 2024 training we had folks joining from all over the world, including USA, Ireland, France and Indonesia. By the end of the training, we were all such close friends.

    That’s totally fine. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded shortly after. It’s recommended that if you do miss livestreams, you catch them up before the next session, so as to not fall behind.

    No, not at all! We welcome all bodies, abilities and levels. When I did my first teacher training at age 19, I had attended less than 10 yoga classes.

    The only thing that needs to be flexible is your mind 🙂

    The only prerequisite is to read “Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body and Soul” by Sharon Gannon and David Life (not included in course cost).

    On the first day of training you will receive your written exam to complete in your own time. To receive your teaching certificate, this must be handed in at the end of the course, and your practical assessment must be completed.

    The practical assessment consists of you teaching a class at the end of the course, which will happen either in-person if you are attending live, or online (pre-recorded or livestream) if you are doing the fully online version.

    You also need to complete 50 classes in your practice log to make up your hours. Approximately half of these will be included in the course hours, and the others you will need to find time for.

    Don’t worry, there are no scary exams where you have to cram your brain with a million facts and Sanskrit names.

    Yes, there will be small bits of homework between sessions, throughout the course. You should budget for approx. 2-3 week of homework during the course, plus time for your āsana and meditation practice.

    Hours is such a weird way to measure and quantify yoga trainings (literally no other forms of education do this). We acknowledge that everyone learns in different ways, at different paces. Therefore, we do not adhere to a set number of “hours” for this course.

    You are human!

    But please do feel you can reach out and get in touch:

    “I have the privilege of learning yoga from Sandy and I can confidently say that they are a truly brilliant yoga teacher. Their knowledge of yoga philosophy and āsanas is exceptional and their teaching style is both insightful and inspiring. 

    Sandy’s passion for yoga is contagious and they have a gift for connecting with their students on a personal level, ensuring that each person feels supported and encouraged in their yoga journey. 

    I’m so excited that Sandy is finally offering a teacher training. This is your chance to be trained by one of the best in the art of yoga.” 

    Dr. Teriko Rex, Sydney

    Learn more about the course content and Panoramic Method of learning in this Info Session video

    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out:

      I am not a robot

      “On this path no effort is ever wasted, no gain is ever reversed.

      Even a little of this practice will shelter you from great sorrow.”

      – Bhagavad Gita