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Frequently Asked Questions

You have a few options!

In my library you will find over 115 pre-recorded audio classes of various lengths. They are available through a monthly access pass at a fee of AU$40. Upon payment, you will receive unlimited access to these classes and can practice whenever you like.

Alternatively, you can join my live-stream classes, which are currently taking place several times a week via Zoom. View the timetable for specific classes and times.


You have two options.

You can either join a single class, by purchasing a drop-in for AU$15 here. You will then be sent an email 30 minutes before the class begins with the link to join the Zoom call.

Or you can sign up for a monthly membership for AU$55 here.

You can have it all!

There is a heavily discounted monthly membership for audio-recording library AND unlimited live-stream which is AU$55. You can purchase that here.

Yes they are!

Each live-stream class is recorded and uploaded to Vimeo, with replay available for 28 days for members and 14 days for drop-ins.

No, it’s much easier than that.

Simply use your login to enter the Members VIP page.

On this page you will find the links for all the upcoming Live-Stream classes, plus the recordings from the last 7 days.

No. At this stage, you must purchase the monthly library access to practice these classes.

It’s a bit mysterious! Just like the moon…

Typically, if a practice falls on the New Moon, the theme will revolve around manifestation.

If the practice falls on the Full Moon; release, surrender and letting go will be the focus.

In terms of yoga content, the classes may include chanting, meditation, some slow vinyasa, yin postures, guided relaxation, journaling… Each class will be a bit different, but all will be magical.

The purpose of this class is to create a safe space for anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ to explore yoga and feel comfortable practicing exactly as they are. Often yoga studios and teachers can be intimidating and exclusionary, so I am committed to cultivating a positive experience where that is not the case.

Anyone in the rainbow family, including allies who understand and respect the above, is welcome to attend the class.

It will be a beginner-style gentle vinyasa (flowing) class, with some variations for those more familiar. Classes may also include some simple breathing practices, meditation, discussion of yoga philosophy and an invitation to chant. Every class will finish with a deep relaxation. The majority of the class will be demonstrated by me on the video.

You can read my blog post about it here.


Both the Queer + Trans class and the Moon Practice class are beginner friendly. There are also a number of audio recordings in the Library which are beginner friendly. Look for the classes with a “sweat level” of 1-3, and then when you feel more confident, try out a 4, or attend a livestream Jivamukti class.

Have fun with it, and please reach out to me if you have any specific questions.

“Meticulous and clear in detail, encyclopedic and expansive in knowledge, singing voice of an angel.”
– Nathan M.

“Sandy’s classes are a true joy to practice to. Their warmth, compassion, wisdom and clear love of what they do radiates through their teachings, and they hold space beautifully for all beings. Sandy has a magical way of weaving asana together with perfectly chosen music and deep insightful knowledge, making the teachings and practice of yoga a deeply embodied and accessible experience for all. They have truly transformed my practice, I’m so grateful to call Sandy my teacher.”
– Lucienne S.

“I’ve been attending Sandy’s classes in some capacity (either in person or online) for close to a decade now! No matter how crazy and uncertain life gets , Sandy’s classes have always helped in restoring my equilibrium and in anchoring me. I am eternally grateful to Sandy and their teachings and couldn’t recommend their yoga classes highly enough! They’re dynamic, inspiring, and energy shifting!”
– Viv H.

“I am so grateful for all the new classes as well as the old. Can’t say I have a favourite because I love them all. When I wake up in the mornings, one of the first things I look forward to is choosing and completing one of your classes. Thank you so much for your generosity in every way.”
– Santalia D.J.

“…thank you for many things but in particular: for incorporating teachings so eloquently and accessibly into your classes; creating sequences that flow so well; not putting on a “breathy yoga teacher voice”; letting your down to earth self be seen; great playlists.”
– Amy K.

“Just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for the chakra class.  I practiced with the recording this evening and it was exactly what I needed to hear – thank you for reminding me that forgiving others heals us and that everyone is just making the best decision they can at the time…. I really really needed that tonight, and I’m so glad you appeared to teach it to me.  Thank you for sharing your practice, and for healing me with your words, your kindness and your wisdom.”
– Kylie G.

“Sandy is such a gem. They have a variety of incredible classes, so I can find the perfect one, no matter what mood I’m in, or how much time I have. I love Sandy’s passion for making their classes so inventive and fresh. I am so thankful for the “chant and sit” downloads – I find them hugely helpful to have on my phone to play for when I’m feeling anxious, such as when flying. There is always something new to learn from Sandy and their surprise humor thrown in, is an added and welcome joy.”
– Natalie M.

“Come practice with @sandykingyoga through audio recording or live stream, they are an amazing spirit and teach with such grace, compassion and love.”
– Mandee