Golden Yoga School Teaching Faculty

Hi, my name is Sandy, and I am the founder and lead teacher of Golden Yoga School.

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 15 years and am passionate about accessibility, diversity and inclusivity.

I am known for my creative, insightful and meaningful yoga classes, as well as my kindness and bangin’ playlists, and I cannot wait to share everything I have learned with you.

“I have the privilege of learning yoga from Sandy and I can confidently say that they are a truly brilliant yoga teacher. Their knowledge of yoga philosophy and āsanas is exceptional and their teaching style is both insightful and inspiring. 

Sandy’s passion for yoga is contagious and they have a gift for connecting with their students on a personal level, ensuring that each person feels supported and encouraged in their yoga journey. 

I’m so excited that Sandy is finally offering a teacher training. This is your chance to be trained by one of the best in the art of yoga.” 

Dr. Teriko Rex, Sydney

The Golden Guest Teachers

This superstar team of senior teachers will be joining us on Zoom during our Thursday Night Satsangs to share priceless wisdom on additional subjects

Katie Rose


Introduction to Ayurveda
(sister science of yoga)

Seema Agarwal


Upanisạds and direct yogic lineage

Keith Kempis


Bhagavad Gītā and bhakti (devotion)

Gaby Fearn


Pre- and post- natal considerations

Kiki DeLux


Holding space and energetics of teaching

Kirsten Lee

(any pronouns)

Inclusivity, diversity and sustainability

Ellen Driscoll


The business of yoga + how to get employed

Sas Stephenson


Assistant teacher + snack bringer

Shanti Devi


Snack eater, cuddle queen + golden mascot

Learn more about the course content and Panoramic Method of learning in this Info Session video

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