Queer & Trans Yoga

Fun, accessible yoga classes for the cuties of the Queer & Trans community.

This is a resurrection of the original Queer & Trans Yoga classes that I started teaching in 2012 at Twenty10.

Yoga4QTs is a yoga class for the cuties of the queer and trans community, suitable for all levels of practice (including brand-new beginners) and all body types. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come exactly as they are.

Expect a beginner-style gentle vinyāsa (flowing) class, with some variations for those more familiar. Classes may also include some simple breathing practices, meditation, discussion of yoga philosophy and an invitation to chant. Every class will finish with a deep relaxation. The majority of the class will be demonstrated by me on the video.

Next Upcoming Event

Queer & Trans Yoga Class – 60 mins

25 October 2021
- Online
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