Online Membership – 28 Days

$40.00 / 28 days



Now you get the complete practice package: Online Membership for an even cheaper cost!

I want you to have more choices to enjoy your practice, and invite you to join me via Livestream or in the Replay, as well as the weekly-updated Audio Library that you know and love.

Invest only $40 in your practice and receive:

So whether you wish to join the Livestream in real-time, or enjoy the Replay at your own leisure, or simply make your way through the extensive Audio Library… this Membership has you covered.

Please note: to join a class live, you will not receive emails with the zoom links for the livestreams. After you have made your purchase, make sure you are Logged In, then find the link on the Livestream Links & Replays to join the class live.

This is a virtual Membership only and does not grant access to in-person classes.