Self-Directed Course: Chakra Deep-Dive



If you are ready to shift stuck energy, tend to old wounds that need healing, reinvigorate your practice and experience a renewed sense of freedom physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – this course is for you.

“Just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for the chakra class.  I practiced with the recording this evening and it was exactly what I needed to hear – thank you for reminding me that forgiving others heals us and that everyone is just making the best decision they can at the time…. I really really needed that tonight, and I’m so glad you appeared to teach it to me.  Thank you for sharing your practice, and for healing me with your words, your kindness and your wisdom.”
– Kylie, yoga student.

Course content:

Week 0: Chakra Theory – a 2 part video lecture workshop (over 90 mins of information) to give you all the foundational knowledge of the subtle energy system of the chakras, including how the theories have shifted through time and cross culturally.

Week 1-7: each week features a 35 min Jivamukti practice focused on a specific chakra and the corresponding āsanas, presented in audio format.

  • Week 1: Foundation
  • Week 2: Relationships
  • Week 3: Power
  • Week 4: Love
  • Week 5: Self-worth
  • Week 6: Humility
  • Week 7: Oneness
  • Week 8: The Original Jivamukti Chakra Tuning Class developed by Sharon Gannon, taught by Sandy in audio format.

**Bonus Content:

  • 90 min Yin Chakra Class (audio + playlist)
  • 10 min Chakra Colour Affirmation Meditation (audio)
  • 90 min Jivamukti Chakra Class (audio)
  • PDF document Chakra Cheat Sheet (downloadable)

The course also features 9 exclusive, carefully curated playlists to add a layer of vibrational healing and depth to the practice experience.

This course is self-directed, and upon purchase all content can be accessed instantaneously, so you can start any time. You will have access for 12 months from the day of purchase, so the classes can be enjoyed and revisited time and time again.

“Sandy’s teachings have profoundly shaped the path of my life more than I could have imagined, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their incredible generosity and devotion to sharing this transformational practice over the past ten years.”
– Liberty, yoga student and teacher.

Dive deeply into the mystical world of energy by exploring the physical application of the chakras in your yoga practice. Whether you are feeling unbalanced in your relationships, struggle with self-worth or yearn for connection to the world around you, this self-directed course will address the blockages that may have arrived energetically, but when left unresolved, have materialised into physical and emotional restrictions. This course is an opportunity to evolve, transform and free yourself through chanting sacred mantras, practicing āsana specific to areas of the body where trauma is held, visualisation and intention setting.

The first time I experienced the original Jivamukti Yoga Chakra Tuning class, it was taught to me by my teacher Sharon Gannon in 2011, and it completely turned my world upside down. I had no idea that the issues I was dealing with emotionally were getting locked up inside my body, and that there were simple ways to free the tension through mindful movement, breath and focused awareness. It was the specific combination of chanting, āsana, visualisation and affirmation that I learnt through Jivamukti Yoga which became my magical tool for shifting my own stuck energy.

Over the last decade, I have been sharing these teachings in my classes, through workshops and on international visits to New York, Denmark, the UK, Germany and in Bali, as well as throughout Australia. Of all the class I teach and yoga teachings I share, the Chakras always have the most provocative, transformative effect and the response from students is phenomenal.

What people are saying:

“You always know the right tonic for all the problems of our inner and larger world Sandy!!”
– Viv, yoga student.

“Sandy has a magical way of weaving asana together with perfectly chosen music and deep insightful knowledge, making the teachings and practice of yoga a deeply embodied and accessible experience for all. They have truly transformed my practice, I’m so grateful to call Sandy my teacher.”
– Lucienne, yoga student and teacher.

“Sandy’s classes are a magical experience that I couldn’t recommend more highly for ALL.”
– Kirsten, yoga student and teacher.