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All classes recorded at Jivamukti Yoga Sydney.

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September 2017


(90 mins) Fed Up


(17 mins) Yoga Nidra Relaxation - this script is from Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati


(10 mins) The Magic 10 - for when you only have 10 mins to practice!


August 2017


(90 mins) Annual Michael Jackson Birthday Class


(90 mins) The 3 Gunas


 (90 mins) Krishna: A Rose By Any Other Name?


May 2017


(75 mins) YIN #2! Another Yin Yoga class! Grab as many cushions and blankets as you have, and get cosy.


 (75 mins) Narayani.


 (90 mins) Tadasana. You will need some wall space for this class.


(75 mins) YIN! This is a totally different class to usual - Yin instead of Jivamukti. Grab as many cushions and blankets as you have, and get cosy for this practice.


 (90 mins) Be The Change. You will need some wall space for this class. It would also be helpful to have two blocks, and a blanket.


April 2017


 (75 mins) Pulsar. Note - the guided meditation in this class comes from Sri Brahmananda Saraswati and was originally featured in a podcast by Jessica Stickler called It's All About Vibration!


March 2017


 (90 mins) Matsy


 (90 mins) Equinox


February 2017


 (90 mins) Ludovico


 (60 mins) Spiritual Warrior


January 2017


 (90 mins) Durga


 (75 mins) Free Your Mind


December 2016


 (90 mins) Listen


November 2016


 (90 mins) SOUL


October 2016


 (90 mins) Uniform


September 2016


 (90 mins) Samsara


August 2016


 (90 mins) MJ 2016


(75 mins) Heroes


July 2016


(90 mins) Nothing New Under the Sun


May 2016


(90 mins) Creation Myths


(75 mins) Children of the Revolution


(90 mins) Mother feat. DJ Ant Nebula


April 2016


(90 mins) John and Yoko


(75 mins) Beautifully Sad


March 2016


(75 mins) Surya


February 2016


(90 mins) For the Love of Music


(90 mins) Sing


(90 mins) Anahata


December 2015


(90 mins) Avatara


November 2015


(90 mins) The Grasshopper


October 2015


(90 mins) Back(bend) to the Future


(90 mins) Listen To The Trees


September 2015


(60 mins) Love Your Body!


July 2015


(90 mins) Can You Love Some More?


June 2015


(90 mins) From Gross to Subtle


May 2015


(90 mins) Freedom


(90 mins) Gurus


(90 mins) Om Mani Padme Hum


April 2015


(90 mins) Repetitious Remembering


March 2015


(90 mins) Vishnu Granthi


February 2015


(90 mins) Storytelling: The Nightingale


(60 mins) In The Womb


January 2015


(90 mins) Kali


(90 mins) Vinyasa Krama


December 2014


(90 mins) Bija Mantras


November 2014


(90 mins) Soul Power


October 2014


(75 mins) Inner Cosmos w/ Live Music by Nic Cassey

For Nic Cassey’s music, click here.


September 2014


(90 mins) Class on Vayus & Changing the Direction of Energy in the Body


August 2014


(75 mins) Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration


July 2014


(75 mins) Sex, Death, Sleep, Love, Magic & Pratyahara


June 2014


(75 mins) Union Through Others


April 2014


(75 mins) Eka Hasta Adho Mukha Vrksasana a.k.a One-Armed Handstand (this class is a little more advanced, and you will need some wall space)


March 2014


(90 mins) Make Me An Instrument


(60 mins) Ishvara


December 2013


(75 mins) Time Management w/ DJ Mantis MD live


November 2013


(60 mins) Dedicated To Cat


October 2013


(75 mins) Finding Creativity Within Destruction w/ DJ Mantis MD live

For the DJ Set performed on this night, visit Soundcloud here.


July 2013


(75 mins) Hot, Hip & Holy


(90 mins) Negative Thoughts (this class is a little more advanced, and you will need a little bit of wall space)


February 2013


(75 mins) Shake it Up / Change Starts With YOU


May 2012


(90 mins) Change / Renaissance



For more classes please go to my amazing mentor Jessica Stickler’s website.