Morrissey/Smiths Playlist


On Sunday I taught a class about my favourite animal rights activist – Morrissey; a prime example of someone who uses their power for good.

By popular request, here is the playlist:

(all songs by the Smiths unless they have an asterix, indicating Morrissey as a solo artist)

  1. Unlovable (Magic 10)
  2. Golden Lights (Magic 10)
  3. Oscillate Wildly (Magic 10)
  4. How Soon Is Now? (Surya Namaskar)
  5. Everyday Is Like Sunday* (Standing Postures)
  6. Accept Yourself (Standing Postures)
  7. Is It Really So Strange? (Standing Postures)
  8. Panic (Standing Postures)
  9. Ask (Standing Postures)
  10. This Charming Man (Seated Postures)
  11. Hand In Glove (Seated Postures)
  12. Sweet And Tender Hooligan (Seated Postures)
  13. November Spawned A Monster* (Seated Postures)
  14. Meat Is Murder (Backbending)
  15. Let Me Kiss You* (Backbending)
  16. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want (Backbending – 3 Wheels)
  17. This Night Has Opened My Eyes (Twisting/releasing back)
  18. Life Is A Pigsty*  (Shoulderstand)
  19. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out  (Headstand)
  20. Asleep (Shavasana)
  21. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (Shavasana)
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